Dee Dreslough's Dragon Artwork is Elsewhere

When COW.NET was first started in 1995, among the most active members of its ranks was Dee Macloughlin (Now Dreslough) who used her incredible energy and talents to increase subscriptions, help customers, and give suggestions. She would send new users helpful hints, post on the BBS boards, get involved with any technical problems she saw, and always paid on time.

Dee ran a MUSH on the COW.NET system called Living Fiction which was a MUSH dedicated to helping new users get involved with the world of writing and role-playing online. She was a great administator by all accounts and ran it for a number of years before handing it off to pursue other avenues.

Dee now has her own hosted site,, which showcases her artwork, writing, and general stick-to-it-ness. Go check it out, and maybe check out afterwards.