Bovine Ignition Systems was and is a high school band founded in 1985 by Jason Scott and Jeremy Stone. Created in the way that many high school bands were, Jason and Jeremy found they had similar goals to make music and started doing some really weird things. After a while, they got good enough at it to record their work, and kept it at two people, only occasionally adding outside musicians as guest spots. The golden times of Bovine Ignition Systems (Or BIS as those in the know call it) was from 1985 to 1989, when we produced a couple albums of music, a music video, and performed our only live concert.

Since those heady days of youth we have both gone on to careers in computers: Jeremy at Microsoft, and Jason at Psygnosis and various ISPs and Hosting Companies. We both continue to make music, although not together (we took the first opportunity to move the furthest possible distance from each other for some reason). This webpage has been put together to let our tiny collection of fans have access to every single BIS artifact and musical shred we can kick up from our archives. You can even see our other works as well.

One advantage of being a primarily studio-based band is that pretty much all our creative output is down in one form of another. If it's not here, it probably doesn't exist, or you're hiding it from us. Anyway, on with the show.

For your perusal, some visual flotsam from the ages.

Bovine Ignition Systems Portrait, by Jason, 1989. Drawn as part of the Power Without Purpose Pak, this either captures us well (if you ask Jason) or horribly (if you ask Jeremy). Obviously this thing caused greeat consternation within the band, and if we had had the money to put the band on hold and take Carribean trips to sort our thoughts out, we'd have done it. But we didn't, so we didn't. Meanwhile the picture is kind of nice to look at, assuming you don't know what we look like.
This little experiment in computerized rotoscoping came together much better than it should. It's also the only document here with both our full names. This uses the Logo photo we had for the source, although that's probably obvious.
For our one-time concert, we went far enough to make a few custom backstage passes, so that the non-existent stagehands could stop people from violating our special space and get back to the grotty lounge where we kept our change of clothes. There were maybe 4 of these printed, and then lovingly put into little cardboard-backed folders with staples so they could catch on your shirt. Not our finest brainwave but still nice to look at, now.
How a BIS song is created; artwork/layout by Jason. One thing that jumps out obviously is that the document implies that only Jason has come up with the ideas; that's so entirely wrong. Jeremy should have sucker-punched Jason and left him teary-eyed in a heap on Cross Ridge Road for that. But, Jeremy's a charitable person. Also, he co-wrote Microsoft Combat Simulator and likely learned to control his anger at some point.
This is BOB ODDO. Bob Oddo was a substitute teacher at Horace Greeley High School. We dragged Bob, kicking and screaming, into a position as the Official Band Mascot. Bob hated this. The only thing Bob hated more was when we got a confederate to fool him into thinking she was with the school yearbook and she snapped this picture. We then turned this graven image into a t-shirt. Bob really hated that. Bob hated the songs we wrote about him, but not as much because he very rarely got to hear them. Bob would probably explode if he knew we put his picture on the Internet. Also, download Bob's head and use it as convenient graphics for whatever you see fit.

Actually, to our great surprise, Bob mailed us at one point and had both found his head on the Internet and was delighted/nonagressive about finding there. He mostly lamented how he didn't have as much hair anymore, and that he had been doing exchange work with other countries. Good for Bob! And now that Jaremy and Jason have grown old and slow, Bob can laugh a hearty chuckle, especially if one of us ends up becoming unwitting mascots for some other band.... and then the cycle will be complete.


Jeremy and Jason actually shot a Music Video for a song created for that purpose, a parody called "Fight For Your Right to Bovines". The video was about 6 minutes long and cost $50 to make. What a bargain! A page with screenshots, information, and the actual video available for download is here.


Thank You For Not Setting Me On Fire was our first album, filled with a bizzare and uneven set of tunes. But not bad for two fifteen year olds with a casio keyboard and too much sugar and caffeine.

Pack Yer Lunch 0:00Punk1mb
Velcro Universe 0:00Random Babbling4.3mb


Power Without Purpose was our second, much better album where we properly used the four track and the Korg M-1 Keyboard and all the other fun doohickies we had in the BIS Studio. Jeremy's guitar playing was coming along and Jason could hit the occasional notes. Our writing style was also in full swing, with some nice satirical and comedy pieces stuck in there. Power without purpose also got a much greater distribution after it was converted to CD in the mid 90's. Power Without Purpose was, altogether, our best project.

Introduction: Do Not Side With One Particular Band 1:37Audio Collage
We're Just B.I.S. 4:28Straightforward Rock
Buzzy's 1:51Blues/Rap
Beta Iota Sigma 3:01Frat Rock/Chant
The Girl with the Biggest Hair 1:44Waltz
Office Park Girlfriend 3:26Ballad
Fight for your Right (To Bovines) 4:44Musical Rap/Parody
The Bovine Polka 2:59Polka
Bob Oddo 1:53A Cappella
The Bovine Bus 5:22Country


Jason came to visit Jeremy in Seattle for a week and took time while Jeremy was at work to put together some song frameworks to do with him. This yielded four songs, whcih were meant to be embryonic demos for final versions, but which have intead stood on their own. These became known as "The Cool House Session", named after the house Jeremy was living in.

Mr. Sun2:11Educational
The Girl with the Biggest Hair (German) 1:44German Waltz
We Got No Drummer3:34Rap/Jazz
Zamboni4:06High School Rock


Most of the BIS songs were created on a Korg M-1 keyboard with special floppy drive attachment to save the songs. Both Jason and Jeremy did work with this keyboard, although obviously it was a bit awkward for Jason to be over at Jeremy's house for hours working on it. When the time came for the BIS concert, a lot of one-time music was created to "fill in the gaps", and none of it was intended to end up in an album or other format.

Luckily, Jason came over one day and recorded pretty much every major song from the BIS collection (and some minor ones) and so there are now MP3s of both songs from the albums and from the concert.

Beta Iota Sigma0:003.8mb
Bovine Bus0:005.8mb
Cold Cow0:003.7mb
Comfortably Numb (Pink Floyd Cover)0:008.6mb
E-Bow Introduction0:002.3mb
Hair Sauce0:001.7mb
Jeremy's Jazz Thing0:003.2mb
Leave It (Yes Cover)0:005.3mb
Office Park Girlfriend0:004.8mb
Orgasm Rag0:004.1mb
Royal Flush0:001.1mb
The Bovine Polka0:004.1mb
The Girl With the Biggest Hair0:002.3mb
We're Just BIS0:006.1mb


Here are various songs that date throughout the BIS Period but don't really have any "official" status. Most are not of great quality and are in fact somewhat embarassing to have up, but it's about being complete with the history, not doing post-modern editing of our high school years. For die-hard fans only.

Jeremy Stone: Show Me (Instrumental)0:00Ballad
Jeremy Stone: Sunlight (M1 Demo)0:00Test Song
Cathy (Britt Warner's Take)0:00Ballad4.5mb
Don't Saw the Cat in Half0:00Audio Collage248k
Velcro Universe (Version 2)0:00Random Babbling4.4mb
27 Second Country Song (Demo)0:00Country Jig353k
Less Than No Drummer (Demo)0:00Jazz1.7mb
Please Kill Us (Original Version)0:00Gospel4.5mb
Supermaggot (Demo)0:00Rock1.3mb
Please Kill Us (Album Version)0:00Gospel2.0mb

The song known as "Cathy" is important enough to warrant its own page.


While esconsed at Risley House during his college years, Jeremy had access to an eight-track recording studio. While further BIS work was done as what became "The Bovine Polka", Jeremy took this opportunity to do work as another band, called "Technical Difficulties" where he brought in the vocal abilities of one Sophie Dymans and created what Jason calls "80's style Bryan Adams Rock" and what Jeremy called "Hey, Shut Up, Jason". The result was a four-song demo tape called "Tactics". The full cassette insert can be seen by clicking on the image, and the four songs can be heard below (MP3, 192khz). Some of the songs had existed in one form or another during the BIS heyday, although they hadn't reached this level of maturity.

Someone..... 0:00
Touch and Go 0:00
Show Me 0:00
Tactics (Of Love) 0:00


Jason, still lacking ability to really play any instrument or to sing, but still brimming with musical hoo-hah, focused his attention almost entirely on computer music, such as techno, dance and variations thereof. Lacking Jeremy's musical influence, his own style dominated, but you can decide if that's a good or bad thing. There is a separate web page available with all of Jason's major musical output, including backstory information and the occasional apology.

All songs on this page are (c) Bovine Ignition Systems/ZoE Gardening Services for all purposes of copyright.