Filename Size Description of Photo
P7130005.jpg153528 A nice collection of Atari 2600 cartridges, on the H2k Retrocomputing table. Note also nice amiga.
P7130006.jpg87698 Sketch and Kill -9 of Uberspace Labs ( Mirror)
P7130007.jpg83260 Snarfblat and Random Tox
P7130008.JPG66108 Sketch and FreqOut, being mounted by Veggie
P7130009.JPG60104 Veggie recieves a surprise reciprocal mounting.
P7130010.JPG62272 Spacerogue, Sketch.
P7140011.jpg69823 Sketch and Soylent.
P7140012.JPG47147 Cheshire Catalyst and Captain Crunch, Old Timers' Panel
P7140013.JPG47179 Cheshire Catalyst and Captain Crunch, Old Timers' Panel
P7140014.JPG59286 Apple II Fan and NightStalker, Retrocomputing Panel
P7140015.jpg108043 Veggie gives Count Zero a ride
P7140016.JPG69669 More retrocomputing fun, this time a Coleco Adam
P7140020.JPG56858 Rebellious Sentiment displayed for all along convention wall
P7140023.jpg341222 WALLPAPER: Grandmaster Ratte' being interviewed by ZD TV
P7140024.JPG67157 Pleasant selection of Checker-Colored toys for sale
P7140026.JPG50100 Action shot of Swamp Ratte' being interviewed
P7140027.JPG54116 GWEEDS' HAIR
P7140029.JPG68173 The Most Amazing Little Thing In The World. Made this banner
P7140030.JPG59417 Unintentionally artistic and mysterious picture of Count Zero
P7140032.JPG65676 A starry-eyed Swamp Ratte' confronts Javaman
P7140034.JPG66844 Soylent hauling around T-Shirts
P7140035.jpg295240 WALLPAPER: Most Appropriate Sign in Hotel Pennsylvania Lobby
P7150036.jpg120843 Hanging with Swamp Ratte' and Soylent. Awwwww yeah
P7150037.jpg96805 Sketch and Mogel, Together for the First Time
P7150038.jpg253430 WALLPAPER: Hope 2000 Main Convention Hall
P7150039.jpg213085 8th Floor of Hotel Pennsylvania
P7150040.jpg141488 My Hotel Room i shared with Three Guys
P7150041.JPG69805 HACK THE PLANT
czlicky.jpg58814 Count Zero is affectionate to a convenient life partner

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