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It is with great regret that I must announce that I feel that the Apple II community has been turned into a wasteland by pirates, thieves and liars. Further, a community that refuses to stand up to these scum is participating in their nonsense-- especially when they get suckered into believing that politeness is more important than the truth.

The Apple II community doesn't give a shit about the constant piracy, thievery, and hate of developers. And what's worse is that more people throw a fit that I just used a 4 letter word instead of being angry at the pirates that are truly killing the Apple II's future.

I have invested many thousands of hours in Apple II creations, from programming to maintaining the best and most correct set of Apple II resources. Thanks to the jerks, this work has been constantly maligned, stolen, insulted and I now count that investment of time as a waste. The Apple II community has been given up on years ago by people with more common sense-- and now it is my turn to join them by turning my back on the "community," shaking the dust off my feet at them and moving on.

The pirates may be able to steal various works. But, the creator has the true power that they never can match-- the power to also destroy. To this end, I have low-leveled all HD partitions and backups on my machines. There will not be another GUPP update from me, no Twilight II 2.0. Many other projects in various stages of development-- previously unannounced due to my not wanting to promote vaporware-- will likewise never appear on the Apple II. All files used to create this web site have been similarly overwritten; I have *none* of those files in my posession anymore-- and they won't be coming back. And from my opinion, that's a good thing, as I won't have to put up with the constant barrage of lies and unappreciative users.

As long as the Apple II community is too idiotic to tell the difference between the truth and lies couched in politeness, to tell the difference between supporting pirates and developers, to tell the difference between meaningless talk and actually creating, it will be cursed to have more and more top developers leave. Less and less will be created until the platform lies in obscurity, only the domain of a few backbiting thieves who'll never create anything new again.

Special mentions of thieves, liars, and crooks who have tried their best to push away developers: Charles Turley (piracy and lies), Jeff Hurlburt (aka Rubywand and SiFan-- more lies and outright hate of developers, as the Wolf3D incident proved), Karl Asha (running a pirate site, a****, Patrick Kane (same-- c**, Steve Mentzer (posting many pirated materials, then claiming for years to not have done so). The blame for lack of Apple II development lies firmly at their feet, but nobody seems to have cared.

And from me to the Apple II community: goodbye and good riddance. You asked for developers to shun you, and they're too happy to oblige. Don't bother contacting me; filters have been put in place to automatically toast such messages.

Nathan Mates


The following 2 messages were deleted by Delphi A2 Forum managers almost on sight, and stayed that way for quite some time. This was at the same time messages from known pirates promoting pirated software and pirate sites stayed visible for WEEKS. For a bunch of people claiming to support Apple II developers, their actions show they're sorely lacking in such regards.

Such boneheaded behavior valuing "politeness" over truth and dealing with piracy are why I canceled 'NMATES', my paid Delphi account, over the weekend of 6/5/98. You do the math comparing that to the date above.

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   >End of Bidding Midnight 10/22/98
   So, in an auction, the last bit is a flurry of updated bids, trying to
   get supposedly rare hardware and software, right? Fine bunch of
   cheapskates you are. Just like T2 2.0 had zero interest until I
   mentioned the word 'free', the Apple II "community" has turned into a
   bunch of pathetic losers unwilling to support anyone, but take as much
   as they can for 'free'. And that includes sucking up to pirates and
   thieves in your midst, as they're willing to whore themselves out
   providing "free" software.
   In return, a free clue: you've shot yourself in the foot enough times
   to be cursed by the continual departure of quality people. Get out
   while you still can: there's no use in thinking this place will ever
   have the backbone to stand up to pirates and support anyone
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   Messages by thieves and pirates stay posted here on Delphi, and others
   don't. Good riddance.
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