This isn't what I wanted!

So, you weren't looking for COW.NET?

Well, we're sorry to hear that. Really, we are. Perhaps you were looking for one of the following sites instead; they all have bovine or dairy-related names and maybe you should check them out too. Of course, you'll probably want to bookmark COW.NET in case you change your mind and you want to come back immediately.

NOTE: The focus here is on DOMAIN NAMES, not the usefulness of the sites themselves. There have actually been a number of people who have actually come to COWZ expecting something different than some moron running around a field with Holstiens in a cow suit, but the focus here is on the names themselves. In some cases, people have absolutely nothing about cows on their sites. But between all these places, you'll probably actually find what you were looking for anyway, which is the magic of the Web. Moo. On with the show.

    The Cattle Industry's Link to the Future

    The site opens with the reassuring words:

    "This site is designed and maintained for the purpose of providing an Internet source for the free flow of information and services for the cattle industry."

    Reassuring, of course, because of all that rampant censorship of cow-oriented sites we've been hearing about lately...

    Yet another site with links to links; if you have to find yet more pages involving our little grass-chomping buddies, you've found another place that might have what you're looking for. Like the others, some of the connections to cows are somewhat esoteric.

    The Cattle Pages

    Initially, this seemed to be another URL Dumping Ground for anything that had the word "beef" or "cattle" in a word search, but in fact they have the coolest and best List of Cattle Breeds on the Net. A couple dozen breeds are listed, with links to the different associations, groups and whatnot that would be in charge of them, as well as histories and statistics. Very nice.


    Erica Aitken's Illustration Company is named HAY, and she has lots and lots of art she's done for people, all laid out in a portfolio. There you go; that's the whole site. No cows here, sorry. Lots of little squiggly pictures she insists you not copy or she'll kill you are here, instead.

    David Blatner's Moo Site

    David goes out of his way to point out, specifically and clearly, that he is NOT a cow-related site. He seems to do Quark and Quickdraw-related stuff, with some sort of plug-in and demo available. What waste. His "links" at the top of the page purporting to send you to sites of what you might have been looking for are FAKE. They're just underlines that look like links. And that sucks. No dessert for you, Mr. Blatner.

    The Pasture

    Great looking picture, but you might have a lot of trouble finding the links on the page. One of them deals with Image-X, alias IP Squared, who used to blow me away with his incredible graphics on his web site, and still does. Great stuff. The others don't work. But hey! What a great looking picture; did I say that yet?


    Yeah, fat chance these stuffed shirts are going to put anything cow-related on their Internet Access Provider Site. See, at, we cut out the middle man and became the cow-oriented site directly, blowing our competition out of the water. Their prices suck, anyway.

    Connecticut Online Web Services

    Well, if I missed out on the chance to grab as well as, at least I gave it up to another bovine-themed Internet Access Provider. The setup of the place is pretty OK and the cow puns are pretty well done for the most part.

    Of course, their links to cow-related sites leaves suspiciously absent, but if they're that worried about competition in this niche', so be it. We're not afraid. No, we're not afraid at all. Mooooooo.

    The Cowboy Trail

    Well, as they say, "The Cowboy Trail is an on-line service on the Internet creating an independent gathering place for people who value and respect the American West. A "computer campsite" for people all over the world to share ideas, interests, education and the opportunity to obtain goods and services offered by the West. "The Cowboy Trail" is the path to take the Cowboy lifestyle and its culture to the 21st century. "We need to blaze new trails while others follow old wagon tracks"

    Yeeeeeehaw, boys.